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Zurisaday N. Decker, M.Ed.

Developmental Therapist

Becoming an early childhood advocate and teacher was a dream Zury had since she was 5 years old. She grew up in her church community and became the church's preschool teacher at the age of 15. During this period her brother and her nephew's mother were expecting a child with Down Syndrome. Having an early interventionist come into their home and provide tailored plans designed to meet His developmental needs inspired Zury to go into Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education in 2007. In late 2008, Zury felt a calling to serve her country and joined the United States Marine Corps while deployed she was reminded of her true passion and calling, to advocate for exceptional learners. She continued her educational career with Eastern Kentucky University in 2014, and for the last decade has worked in various educational settings including in both private and public preschools, as a preschool special education teacher, and held a partnership with the University of Kentucky and Fayette County Public Schools. Zury holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Kentucky and was awarded her master's degree in Education with a focus on Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education in 2022.

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