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Research Behind our Modle

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Why the Coaching Model?

Research shows early intervention is more effective when the focus is on the adults in the child’s life – the parent, guardian and/or other caregivers. This works because children learn best from meaningful activities that happen in usual daily routines with familiar people. The early intervention visit is an opportunity for the parent, guardian or caregiver and the provider to work as a team on activities that are important during the family's daily routines. When families learn to help their child, learning can happen all day, every day, not just when the provider is with the family and child. Kentucky Early Intervention System providers use a coaching approach to help families and other caregivers support the child’s learning and development.​

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How are Early Intervention Services Provided?

As Developmental Therapists/Interventionists (DT/DI), we empower our families to use the wealth of knowledge they bring to the table. They are an expert on their child we are simply there to support families in naturally occurring routines and outings. We provide evidence-based practices/strategies to support families and facilitate meeting family goals and developmental milestones at varying rates. The therapist engages in a more hands-off approach and helps families deliver evidence-based practices/strategies in order to boost continuity of care when the therapist is not present. Repetition with love, care, and respect will help each child's growth and retention.

Father and Daughter
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